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Monday- MoundTown Music & Computer at 278 Jefferson Ave. in Moundsville (which became my store in May of '06) has a free jam starting at 6 P. M. or so, everyone is welcome except NO NAZIS (you know, no folk nazis, jazz nazis, etc.)! All purists are welcome to come and have their sensibilities offended  Sometimes just me and my guitar sitting out on the sidewalk, it has started to build up again recently so 8 or 9 musicians are showing up regularly nowadays, and there's been as many as 23 at a time, making all kinds of a racket. The iron fist of democracy rules here, this is a free-form jazz or bluegrass-style jam with everyone in a clump (too loose to call a circle), and everyone plays as much for as long as we want..Silly and Stupid are spoken fluently here.

The Office Lounge closed last year, so Travis Hoard and John Banco have moved their jam to Generations (about time, it had been 2 years since Generations was THE jam for LOUD.) Starts at 10 or so, I go requently and IT'S AWESOME

Alternate weeks, the Vineyard Church on Waddell's Run just south of Oglebay Park has a "coffee house" (well, they actually have coffee, not poker machines) 1/2 open mic, 1/2 featured performer(s); usually pretty quiet shows, the room has surprisingly good acoustics for a concrete block basement. The schedule does get mixed up around the holidays, and this past year they've been doing special concerts sometimes, so sometimes it's 3 or 4 times a month

Uncle Eddie and Robin started an unplugged acoustic jam (well, if an electronic keyboard  is used we need power, but otherwise it's really unplugged) at Down On Main Street (oddly enough, that's down on the 400 block of Main St., north end of Wheeling- they do some crazy things 'round hereabouts). A word about Dickie Pulz- he's one of if not the most significant person(s) for musicians and bands around the area, especially new ones just starting out; his is the only bar or club around with some kind of live music 6 nights a week (Tues. Wed. Thurs. are jam nights, Fri. Sat. Sun. gig nights) 

     Down on Main Street (4th and Main, N. Wheeling, north of I-70) has what is now (someone please correct me if not the case) the longest continuing open stage in the Wheeling area. Currently hosted by Ed (everyone's Uncle Eddie, one fine banjo/guitar/bass player, singer/songwriter, and self-admitted old guy) and Robin Mahonnen (with equivalent claims to our admiration as jazz diva and self-admitted hippy chick), sometimes sharing/alternating hosting with Randy Keener, this is the "acoustic" night. You might hear everything from swing-jazz standards to hard blues to folk and bluegrass.

Down on Main Street (4th & Main) in North Wheeling- Gary Roder & co host this electric jam, mostly classic rock kind o' stuff, but a wide variety of styles, sometimes.Starts sometime after 10.
In New Martinsville (OK, that's not very close to Wheeling, but it's not that far) there's a new art gallery AO 09/2010 called the Florentine Arts Center with a very nice performance space; every 2nd Thursday of the month they're doing an open mic/coffeehouse, occasionally they'll have special shows as on Halloween.

Friday- usually a night for band gigs and concerts, on the 3rd Friday of every month Orland Carras hosts live music at the Artworks ( the Centre Market from 6-9, half the night a featured act (and this is publicized) and half the night is open mic AND THEY EVEN HAVE A BABY GRAND AND IT'S IN TUNE! Last year they also started doing a coffee house  performance on the 1st Fridays, too. Also, Centre Cup right across the street might have live music.

I just heard today (12/10/2010) that the Knotty Pines (those knotty, knotty pines...) in Elm Grove has restarted a jam (they'd done one for a few months 2008, and before then at least twice), I don't know what time, but I'm going to go check it out either this or next week.

Saturday- usually a night for band gigs and concerts, there's a jam at the Bowman's Ridge Community Center (it's listed in the Community Event calendars in the papers), the same for the Graysville Community Center in Graysville, Pa., and for years Floyd Gump has been doing a country jam up the hill (the 250 hill, and out a couple of miles) on the 2nd Saturday of the month. He's in the phone book to call for directions, and he put a sign out on 250. A couple of people have told me he started doing music during the week, also. There's been a country jam at the firehall in Washington Lands south of Moundsville for years, as well (they discontinue for the winter as the heat in the building can be problematic, especially if there's a fire the company has to respond to...)


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